Jeff Beck – A Great Guitarist

Learning to Play Guitar
Jeff Beck is one of rock’s true geniuses and among its most vibrant artistes. His playing style – a fusion of rock and jazz which led to whole new level of music creation. His style of music and psychedelia style has been acclaimed worldwide and is only one of the few hand full artist who has been inducted twice into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Jeff Beck born on 24 June, 1944, in Wallington, England. At 15, he played guitar on radio by building the instrument all by himself. His early influences were guitarists Cliff Gallup and James Burton, but his true adventurous influence came from Chicago bluesmen Buddy Guy and Otis Rush. He gravitated towards his fiery, pyrotechnic approach which later Jeff applied to his music as well.

He combined all this with Les Paul’s accessible experimentalism in an energetic, style that shaped rock scene of sixties and beyond.
His quixotic career included membership in the Yardbirds (replacing Eric Clapton), two hard-hitting line-ups of the Jeff Beck Group and a pair of albums from the mid-Seventies (Blow by Blow and Wired) that set a new standard for instrumental rock
Beck an innovator and iconoclast is a whiz at wresting precision-tooled melodies and explosive atmospherics from the guitar, combining awesome fretboard technique with mastery of effects and pedals. He is one of the most influential lead guitarists in rock which has shaped blues rock, psychedelic, and heavy metal.

It really is worth listening to all of Jeff’s work. Not only were guitarists learn a great deal while doing so but they will also enjoy the experience.