Play Guitar Lessons Part 2

Play Guitar LessonsSo, you have found yourself some online play guitar lessons and now you are set up to learn to play. How do you make the most of the course that you purchased? What do you need to do in order to make progress with your guitar lessons? Here are some tips and ideas about making the most of the play guitar lessons that you bought, make good progress learning to play your instrument and enjoy it all the same time.

The one biggest single point that you need to take on board is that practice needs to be made on a regular basis. The ideal situation is that you practice for one hour every day and if you can do that, then great. This may be a real struggle for many people as we all lead very busy lives these days and even those of us that play guitar for long time find it difficult to fit into our schedules.

The trick is to make sure that you pick up your instrument every day and practice a little bit even if it is only for five minutes. Okay, you’re not going to learn to play searing rock guitar all that quickly if you only practice for five minutes, but it will be enough for you to practice a few chords can help you to remember them. You will also be activating your muscle memory (this is how your fingers nowhere to go without you looking at the fretboard) and you will also be keeping your fingertips slightly hardened in the process.

Just practice for a few minutes on the days when you are too busy and then put more effort in on the days when you are able to do so. This is far, far easier than just missing days out completely and you will make much better progress might following this tip.

Get yourself organised. Make sure that you guitar is easily available rather than being stuck up in the loft at the way where you will have to go to a great effort in order just to get it out. Keep it on a guitar stand in the area where you have your practice sessions is possible and you can easily and quickly pick it up when you want to.

Also, get your play guitar lessons organised in whatever way suits you. You may need to organise your computer, folder or workbook of some type, and all the paraphernalia it goes along with your guitar such as your tuner, guitar plectrums, music, guitar amplifier and so on and so forth. Make it as easy as possible for yourself to go and have a practice any time to suit you.

It is vitally important that you play with other musicians whenever you can. Yes, this includes playing with them even if you are brand-new. They had to start somewhere and they were new once upon a time and you will get nothing but encouragement and helpful advice from other musicians the matter what your standard. You will move forward far more quickly if you interact with the musicians whilst learning to play the guitar.

Now, just because you’ve chosen play guitar lessons online it doesn’t mean that you cannot have any one-to-one tuition, if you would like to do so. Indeed, there is no reason why you shouldn’t book the occasional lesson with an individual teacher in order to turbocharge your guitar learning. Most guitar teachers are quite happy to do this completely understand that you are not in a position to commit to regular guitar lessons. Guitar teachers are musicians first and foremost the overwhelming majority of them are friendly and highly approachable completely understanding to your individual situation.

Finally, get into the habit of practising with your play guitar lessons on a regular basis. We are all creatures of habit and it works much better and you will progress much faster if you practice on a regular basis. Think of a time that would suit your schedule and try to start to get into the habit of practising at that time every day or each week or whatever it will schedule allows.

Make sure you enjoy your play guitar lessons. This is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby, not a hard slog, so pick out music that you enjoy playing and entertain yourself whilst learning to play the guitar.

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