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How To Play Guitar

New To The Guitar – Pitfalls To Avoid

avoidng guita practise pifallsIt’s great when a new guitarist gets off to a flying start makes improvement and progress really quickly. However, it doesn’t happen to all of us. Here are some of the pitfalls that you can avoid so that you can learn to play the guitar as quickly and easily as possible when you are starting out;

  1. The It Will Do Syndrome

This is all easy to get into the habit of doing if you don’t quite spend long enough polishing the final four months of peace. You may even end up being happy with fairly untidy guitar playing and think that that will do.

It will not!

Please, please, please do not accept “it will do, it’s good enough” when you know that you can do better. Just push yourself a little bit into your uncomfortable zone and practice a little longer and get it right. You will be so pleased with yourself as a result.

  1. Never Getting to the Finishing Line.

It is really tempting to learn part of one song, the bit that you really like, and then failing to go on and learning the whole song. This can lead to you knowing an awful lot of the conflicts or partial songs that you are never going to be able to play along with other musicians as they will want to play the whole complete song from beginning to end.

This can become embarrassing for the guitarist who is asked to join in playing with the musicians on a popular song or a standard piece and then finds that they cannot do so. Make sure that you aim to learn to play the whole song all the way through from start to finish.

  1. Being Happy Is a Three Chord Bandit

We will know someone who calls himself a “Three Chord Bandit” because they only know the chords A D and E. Now, I quite accept that people are able to play a wide variety of songs with only three also chords. But the problem is that boredom will soon set in especially when all the songs are in the same key. This can be very dull!

Try to add new chords to your chord dictionary in your head on a regular basis. Why not try learning a new chord each time you pick up the guitar or twice a week or something like that. You’ll be amazed at how quickly you build a repertoire of interesting and useful chords to use in your playing every day.

  1. Always Doing What You Always Did

We’ve all done this. It happens because we really like a particular title genre of music and we tend to play that whenever we pick up our guitar to play. It’s just so easy to do this and it is more challenging to start playing a different type of guitar music. There is always something brand-new to learn to play on your guitar, a new song from a different genre, a new rift from a different type of music or to play in the style of a guitarist from a different band that you don’t have to listen to. It’s all good stuff so get out there and do it!

There is an incredible variety of music out there and I am constantly astonished at how the guitar can sound so different and so wonderful in so many different ways just by switching the type of music that I am playing.

We never would have got rock ‘n’ roll, country music, Jazz, pop music and so much more if people had only ever stuck playing to their original type of preferred music.

Mix it up and you will be inspired to practice and perform your guitar more often.

How To Play Lead Guitar

We all want to know how to play lead guitar just like our heroes play the guitar. We want to impress our friends and relatives with our guitar playing but also just enHow To Play Lead Guitarjoy the music we make ourselves. But how do you go about learning to play lead guitar? It can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve tried before and found the whole thing far too difficult. Well, learning to play the guitar solo from Michael Jackson’s Thriller is going to be beyond a beginning guitarist. The trick is knowing how and where to start. The good news is that you can learn some lead guitar that sounds very impressive fairly easily.

Knowing What To Play – Choose well-known you will enjoy playing and the other people will recognise. Be clever in your choice, though. Go for only include a small number of notes but which sound great. Typically, these will either be very straightforward solos or even be chord based. There’s a whole load of Neil Young guitar solos that a fairly simple to perform but it’s the way in which he plays the notes that makes them sound great. One particular lead guitar solo to look out for is the fantastic “My Love”performed by Denny Laine.

Learn To Read Guitar Tablature – Okay, it would be absolutely fantastic if all guitarists good sight read traditional music notation, but it is never going to happen for a variety of reasons. The great news is that you can learn how to play lead guitar on awful lot easier if you can understand how to read Guitar Tablature. This will save you having to work guitar solos out from scratch and opens up a huge variety of guitar songs to play the solos from.

Play Along With The Track – This is really essential if you want to get both the feel and the sound of the original lead guitar solo. It is often neglected by guitarists who make mistake of practising “cold” in the belief that they just need to play the same part over and over again in order to learn it. Playing along with the original guitar solo means that you will pick up feeling and timing of the music piece much more quickly and accurately. Time and again I have gone over a piece of music and just slightly misinterpreted small part that was integral to the guitar solo. They can even be errors in guitar tablature or music notation so playing along with the original guitar solo overcomes these problems. I have found that it also helps with my ability to recall the guitar solo more quickly.

Get The Effect – You will play your part in actually playing the guitar but you also need to sound the part, too. There are hundreds of guitar effects pedals available which help you recreate the sound of the lead guitar solo which you are learning. Not only will you sound better that you will be encouraged by having joy abilities to play the guitar solo if you sound great whilst doing so.

Practice Regularly – It will pay you huge bonuses if you set some time aside on a daily basis with which to practice your guitar playing. We all have different time schedules and time pressures but if you aim for half an hour a day on a regular basis then you should make very good progress with your guitar playing. Try sticking to 3 to 5 notes to start off with and build your confidence playing them well. Remember to use alternate picking with your guitar plectrum and play evenly and clearly. Play slowly to start off with! You will get there quicker in the end if you take your time learning your guitar solo in the first place. Break your lead guitar solo into parts that you can cope with and make sure that you can play each section of the guitar solo before moving on to the next. You will be amazed how quickly you end up with a great sounding guitar solo that will amaze your friends and family as well as giving you great enjoyment.

Enjoy It – Remember, this is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby! Don’t push yourself too much when learning how to play lead guitar, go to speed on pace that you find enjoyable.

Use Guitar Backing Tracks – These are readily available on the Internet these days. You can also buy them from guitar stores, too. Better still, team up with a buddy who will play accompaniment do play lead guitar and take it in turns to switch between the two.

I hope this helps you to learn to play lead guitar just a little bit quicker.

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar courses are a great way for learning the guitar but you do need to choose the right course to suit your specific needs and aspirations. It quite obvious that the best online guitar lessons need to have great audio and video quality as well as a range and variety of learning matBest Online Guitar Lessonserials. They need to match your ability and learning styles and customer service should be a priority, to, for you. If you looking for the best online guitar lessons then you also need to bear in mind that there will be cost involved and you need to set yourself a realistic budget to pay for the course.

Here are some points to bear in mind when choosing an online guitar course:

Experienced and Accomplished Teacher – you need to be careful that you choose a course where the tutor actually knows what he or she is doing. Check out their qualifications and skills level together with their guitar playing resume. Can you catch a preview of their teaching style? Will it match your learning style?

Lesson Quality – apart from the instructor being an expert in his or her field and also an experienced teacher, the lessons need to be well structured, clear and insightful. You should also find the lessons enjoyable and each one should have a goal to reach. They should get you off to a good start and offer a lot of encouragement.

Production Quality – you absolutely must be able to hear and see clearly what is being demonstrated to you on the guitar. The best online guitar lessons will have high quality audio as well as high quality video. There should be more than one camera angle to show you what is going on from different views so that you really can see what is being taught. When it comes to audio and video you need to think quality, quality, quality.

Course Delivery – there are a variety of ways in which can receive the guitar video lessons. They can be physically delivered to you as a DVD, offered by membership website that you can log into any time that you want and/or by a downloadable video. Being able to download a video makes your learning experience much closer to that of having a DVD but has the advantage of being able to access the course today instead of having to wait for the physical delivery of the guitar DVD lessons. The membership website approach gives you the advantage that you can log into it from a variety of different devices and watch lessons at times and places to suit you, even if you are out and about and away from home.

Teaching Media – we all learn in different methods. Some of us prefer to read, some of us prefer to watch and some of us prefer to listen. However, the best online guitar lessons will give you access to all of these types of learning which will enable everybody to learn the best way that suits them. Also, it means that every student can employ a variety of learning approaches which will a) mean that everyone can switch methods when they want b) guitar students can look at different learning media when trying to work on a particular learning point c) guitar students can use different learning media according to their situation, such as being able to read a PDF if travelling on a train or watching a video and they have their tablet available.

Suitability – you need to match your guitar learning requirements, aims and ambitions together with a suitable online guitar course. For instance, there would be no point learning Shred guitar if you want to play Classical guitar and so on. You also need to consider whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, and whether you want to play lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar and so on, and what your guitar learning goals are and what is offered by the guitar course. Even the very best online guitar lessons will let you down if you choose the wrong type of course.

Finally, check out whether or not your intended guitar course offers you a moneyback guarantee. How can you have faith in a product if the product provider does not have the confidence of offering you such a guarantee? The Best Online Guitar Lessons will give you such a guarantee giving you peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on what matters most – learning to play the guitar.