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Acoustic Guitar Chords

Let’s take a look at acoustic guitar chords for beginners. What do you need to know, exactly? Well, you need to concentrate on learning three main families of acoustic guitar chords, first:

Major Chords

Minor Chords

Dominant 7 Chords

You will soon learn that there are many ways to play these on the guitar. Just about all guitarists, though, start out by learning the chords in the easiest position which is close to the end of the strings near tuners on the headstock of the guitar. This is known as playing in the “open”position because you will often find that you have several strings played without any fingers on them, leaving them open, hence the name.

You can play an awful lot of songs with the following chords so concentrate on these first:

C Acoustic Guitar Chords

Learn these acoustic guitar chords and you have the ability to play hundreds of songs in the keys of C and G.

The great thing about the guitar is that you can play these chords up and down the guitar neck if you spend just a very small amount of money on a Guitar Capo. This is a very simple attachment which holds down all the strings across the guitar behind any fret that you choose to place it on. You can then play the shapes from the above chords in many different keys which opens up the floodgates for you to play hundreds of different acoustic guitar songs.

The next guitar chord that you should learn is called the dominant seventh. These really help in terms of the strong song structure and make chord patterns really interesting so many acoustic guitar songs use dominant sevenths. Go ahead and learn:


You will find this will increase the number of acoustic guitar songs that you are able to play dramatically, again.

Take your time to learn each chord and practice switching and changing between them. Although you may find it difficult and hard at first things will become much easier if you practice a few minutes each day. You will also find that it is easier to learn new chords as time goes on. Find some acoustic guitar songs that you wish to play using some of the above chords and start learning those songs very slowly. You may be amazed at how quickly your knowledge of acoustic guitar chords builds.