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How To Play Lead Guitar

We all want to know how to play lead guitar just like our heroes play the guitar. We want to impress our friends and relatives with our guitar playing but also just enHow To Play Lead Guitarjoy the music we make ourselves. But how do you go about learning to play lead guitar? It can be a daunting task, especially if you’ve tried before and found the whole thing far too difficult. Well, learning to play the guitar solo from Michael Jackson’s Thriller is going to be beyond a beginning guitarist. The trick is knowing how and where to start. The good news is that you can learn some lead guitar that sounds very impressive fairly easily.

Knowing What To Play – Choose well-known you will enjoy playing and the other people will recognise. Be clever in your choice, though. Go for only include a small number of notes but which sound great. Typically, these will either be very straightforward solos or even be chord based. There’s a whole load of Neil Young guitar solos that a fairly simple to perform but it’s the way in which he plays the notes that makes them sound great. One particular lead guitar solo to look out for is the fantastic “My Love”performed by Denny Laine.

Learn To Read Guitar Tablature – Okay, it would be absolutely fantastic if all guitarists good sight read traditional music notation, but it is never going to happen for a variety of reasons. The great news is that you can learn how to play lead guitar on awful lot easier if you can understand how to read Guitar Tablature. This will save you having to work guitar solos out from scratch and opens up a huge variety of guitar songs to play the solos from.

Play Along With The Track – This is really essential if you want to get both the feel and the sound of the original lead guitar solo. It is often neglected by guitarists who make mistake of practising “cold” in the belief that they just need to play the same part over and over again in order to learn it. Playing along with the original guitar solo means that you will pick up feeling and timing of the music piece much more quickly and accurately. Time and again I have gone over a piece of music and just slightly misinterpreted small part that was integral to the guitar solo. They can even be errors in guitar tablature or music notation so playing along with the original guitar solo overcomes these problems. I have found that it also helps with my ability to recall the guitar solo more quickly.

Get The Effect – You will play your part in actually playing the guitar but you also need to sound the part, too. There are hundreds of guitar effects pedals available which help you recreate the sound of the lead guitar solo which you are learning. Not only will you sound better that you will be encouraged by having joy abilities to play the guitar solo if you sound great whilst doing so.

Practice Regularly – It will pay you huge bonuses if you set some time aside on a daily basis with which to practice your guitar playing. We all have different time schedules and time pressures but if you aim for half an hour a day on a regular basis then you should make very good progress with your guitar playing. Try sticking to 3 to 5 notes to start off with and build your confidence playing them well. Remember to use alternate picking with your guitar plectrum and play evenly and clearly. Play slowly to start off with! You will get there quicker in the end if you take your time learning your guitar solo in the first place. Break your lead guitar solo into parts that you can cope with and make sure that you can play each section of the guitar solo before moving on to the next. You will be amazed how quickly you end up with a great sounding guitar solo that will amaze your friends and family as well as giving you great enjoyment.

Enjoy It – Remember, this is supposed to be an enjoyable hobby! Don’t push yourself too much when learning how to play lead guitar, go to speed on pace that you find enjoyable.

Use Guitar Backing Tracks – These are readily available on the Internet these days. You can also buy them from guitar stores, too. Better still, team up with a buddy who will play accompaniment do play lead guitar and take it in turns to switch between the two.

I hope this helps you to learn to play lead guitar just a little bit quicker.

Best Online Guitar Lessons

Online guitar courses are a great way for learning the guitar but you do need to choose the right course to suit your specific needs and aspirations. It quite obvious that the best online guitar lessons need to have great audio and video quality as well as a range and variety of learning matBest Online Guitar Lessonserials. They need to match your ability and learning styles and customer service should be a priority, to, for you. If you looking for the best online guitar lessons then you also need to bear in mind that there will be cost involved and you need to set yourself a realistic budget to pay for the course.

Here are some points to bear in mind when choosing an online guitar course:

Experienced and Accomplished Teacher – you need to be careful that you choose a course where the tutor actually knows what he or she is doing. Check out their qualifications and skills level together with their guitar playing resume. Can you catch a preview of their teaching style? Will it match your learning style?

Lesson Quality – apart from the instructor being an expert in his or her field and also an experienced teacher, the lessons need to be well structured, clear and insightful. You should also find the lessons enjoyable and each one should have a goal to reach. They should get you off to a good start and offer a lot of encouragement.

Production Quality – you absolutely must be able to hear and see clearly what is being demonstrated to you on the guitar. The best online guitar lessons will have high quality audio as well as high quality video. There should be more than one camera angle to show you what is going on from different views so that you really can see what is being taught. When it comes to audio and video you need to think quality, quality, quality.

Course Delivery – there are a variety of ways in which can receive the guitar video lessons. They can be physically delivered to you as a DVD, offered by membership website that you can log into any time that you want and/or by a downloadable video. Being able to download a video makes your learning experience much closer to that of having a DVD but has the advantage of being able to access the course today instead of having to wait for the physical delivery of the guitar DVD lessons. The membership website approach gives you the advantage that you can log into it from a variety of different devices and watch lessons at times and places to suit you, even if you are out and about and away from home.

Teaching Media – we all learn in different methods. Some of us prefer to read, some of us prefer to watch and some of us prefer to listen. However, the best online guitar lessons will give you access to all of these types of learning which will enable everybody to learn the best way that suits them. Also, it means that every student can employ a variety of learning approaches which will a) mean that everyone can switch methods when they want b) guitar students can look at different learning media when trying to work on a particular learning point c) guitar students can use different learning media according to their situation, such as being able to read a PDF if travelling on a train or watching a video and they have their tablet available.

Suitability – you need to match your guitar learning requirements, aims and ambitions together with a suitable online guitar course. For instance, there would be no point learning Shred guitar if you want to play Classical guitar and so on. You also need to consider whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced player, and whether you want to play lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar and so on, and what your guitar learning goals are and what is offered by the guitar course. Even the very best online guitar lessons will let you down if you choose the wrong type of course.

Finally, check out whether or not your intended guitar course offers you a moneyback guarantee. How can you have faith in a product if the product provider does not have the confidence of offering you such a guarantee? The Best Online Guitar Lessons will give you such a guarantee giving you peace of mind and allowing you to concentrate on what matters most – learning to play the guitar.

Classical Guitar Lessons

I absolutely adore the Classical Guitar sound. It was the first type of guitar which I played, I still play Classical Guitar today, and I guess the same for many guitarists out there. It is such a beautiful instrument with such expression and a wonderful town. Some people also call it the Spanish Guitar which always conjures up pictures of sunshine to me.

Although the basic design of a Classical Guitar is similar to any normal acoustic guitars there are quite a few differences. It tends to have nylon strings as opposed to steel strings together with a much wider fingerboard for the frets. AlthouClassical Guitar Lessonsgh there are various drumming techniques used in Classical Guitar Playing it is more usual for the strings to be plucked by fingernails.

Learning Classical Guitar can be fairly challenging and many people opt for a weekly lesson from a local guitar teacher. This will advance the knowledge and ability to play in the fastest and most enjoyable method. You will find that the coaching involved by having one-to-one tuition will be motivational and will correct and even prevent you from getting bad techniques in your playing.

There is normally more time spent on the correct way to hold the instrument and how to sit whilst playing when learning the Classical Guitar and any other type of guitar playing. There is a lot to learn regarding technique, too. The way you pluck the strings with your fingers and, in particular, your thumb is essential.

You would then normally go on to learn the basics of music for your next few Classical Guitar Lessons. You will need to learn time, notation and music theory. On the playing side, you will probably find more work being done on the plucking a string and learning the rest stroke, where you put your finger on to a string but don’t go so far as to play it.

From there it’s a case of building up your technique and repertoire. It can be quite tricky to play Classical Guitar but with the right lessons you can soon be on your way.

Youtube Guitar Lessons

You can find help and information about literally any subject on YouTube and this includes guitar lessons. There is a veritable treasure chest of songs, guitar riffs, licks, styles of playing and techniques available for display on video for you. It all sounds great but there are downsides, too. There are gazillion guitar videos to choose from so let’s take a closer look at this resource.

Pros and Cons of YouTube Guitar LessonsYoutube Guitar Lessons

1. It’s free. All of these YouTube Guitar Lessons are free, which is great. There are hundreds if not thousands of videos on every guitar related topic for you to work your way through and learn from. The guitar lessons are available to you wherever you can switch on your PC or tablet and you can watch them any time you want to. Best of all, as already stated all these videos and information available to you for free.

2. Generally poor Video and Audio Production – Much of the material which I have viewed produce poorly especially in relation to the audio quality. It’s difficult to learn when you can’t truly hear what is being played and demonstrated to you. I also find it the quality of the amplification and recording is not always up to much making it difficult to listen to an entire guitar lesson. The cameras tend to be stuck in one position and you cannot always see what is being demonstrated. Compare that to professionally made guitarist DVDs and online guitar courses which are usually made too much higher quality – because they have to be – and where you can see much more of what is going on. There are often more than one camera angles looking at things from different views giving you much more help in learning what is being conveyed to you.

3. Poorly Constructed Guitar Lesson Plans – In fact, there are usually no lesson plans or any structure to the course of guitar lessons whatsoever. This means that you went up randomly going from one technique or piece of music or learning point to another without doing things in a structured fashion. This means that you do not build on your knowledge but rather pick up bits and pieces here and there. Doing things that way is okay to a degree but your learning guitar playing would advance far quicker if you follow a structured Guitar Lessons Course.

4. Partially or Totally Incomplete Learning – time and again you will come across videos which will show you one riff or one scale one tip which may or may not be what you need to know. This means that you could be missing huge arrays of information that we take your guitar playing to the next level. Some of the guitar videos contradict what is being said in order that our videos and you can end up confused.

5. Unqualified Teachers – There is no quality control one who was made the video and whether they know what they are talking about or not. You cannot easily checkout qualifications of the” teacher” in the video who may know little or nothing of what they speak. They might be the most brilliant teacher in the world but how do you know? There is every chance that you will find out information about guitar playing in such videos which is actually poor quality or even downright wrong.

6. No Pupil Interaction – guitar videos are all one way when you watched on YouTube. It is difficult to see how you can ask your teacher and meaningful question if you get stuck. Sure, you can drop them an email or leave a comment, but what are the chances of you being able to get a quality answer in a meaningful fashion, quickly? This is a major drawback when it comes to the learning process.

Video and access to learning via the Internet has been an incredible innovation and has allowed many people to advance their learning in all sorts of ways for several years now. Learning guitar by video is no different – there are some great guitar video courses out there which overcome all of the above drawbacks. However, you are unlikely to find any that are free. You are likely, though, to find great online guitar resources which offer fantastic value for the small amount of money which they cost.

Electric Guitar Solo

Electric Guitar SoloDid you ever watch a lead guitarist like Eddie Van Halen searing his way through an electric guitar solos such as Eruption and think to yourself “how on earth do they know what notes to play?” Well, you are not alone. Many people asked that question when looking at guitarists because they have tried to play them self and found that you cannot randomly play any note on any fret against any chord and hope that it will sound good. The chances are it won’t sound good, it’ll sound awful. So, let’s have a look at how you can create your own electric guitar solo using the right notes to sound great.

The Blues Scale is key. As I have hinted in the first paragraph, improvisation requires more than just hitting random notes on random frets on random strings. The trick is that guitarist use scales that they have learnt and noble sound good over a given chord. A prime example is the Blues Scale which is used by many guitarists frequently.

It’s a great idea to practice this scale and get to know it well. Use your plectrum in an up-and-down manner (alternate picking) making sure that you play each note clearly. Try playing each note twice or three times before moving to the next as this will make practice more interesting and improve your Electric Guitar Solo technique. Make sure that you news know this scale well before you start using the notes on it for improvised playing.

The first note on the blues scale is called the root note and tells you what chord you can play this scale against. It is also the name of the scale. You can move this scale up and down the guitar neck so that the first note that you play is different and, therefore, you will be playing the scale in different keys.

The next step is to use this scale as the basis of improvisation for your Electric guitar solo. Quite simply, pick out different notes on that scale that you have just learnt and spin them into a series that creates a pleasant sounding melody. Voila! You can now play this over the relevant chord as played by your friend who is accompanying you or your backing track and you will sound great.

Apart from the melody, you can use various electric guitarists’ tricks in order to make yourself sound even better. “Note bending” can make you sound very good very quickly. This is usually done by stretching a string with your left hand after you have plucked a string or even stretching it first and then plucking it and releasing the bend. The resultant sway make sure guitar start to sing. Vibrato is a more delicate variation of this approach. You make the string sound more live by holding your finger still behind the fret as you play but moving your hand slightly but quickly around thus stretching and releasing the string very slightly very quickly. This makes the note sound far more interesting than if it is just played “cold.

Another really easy but effective trick is to slide up and down a few frets between notes. This can add real excitement to your playing when you get it right.

The final point is to say that you should not overdo the tricks side of things. Use the slides and bending sparingly and they will stand out in your playing giving you more “wow” moments for your audience to enjoy.

So, here are the here are the 10 Best Electric Guitar Solos ever for you to listen to and learn from:

1. Sultans of Swing – Mark Knopfler – Mark makes his guitar sing on this track. The very thing we need to try to achieve as guitarists.

2. Eruption – Eddie Van Halen – This solo reinvented tapping in such a way that it became integral guitar playing around the world.

3. She’s a Woman – Jeff Beck

4. November Rain – Slash

5. Freebird – Alan Collins/Gary Rossington

6. Pride and Joy – Stevie Ray Vaughn

7. Hotel California Don Felder/Joe Walsh

8. All Along the Watchtower – Jimmy Hendrix

9. Comfortably Numb – David Gilmour

10. Stairway to Heaven – Jimmy Page